Saturday, March 31, 2012


The trick I have found with green smoothies is to mix as much kale and spinach in with yellow and orange fruits. That combination will ensure a bright, almost vibrant green color. You will love watching your children gulp down loads of vitamins. Our favorite includes: spinach and/or kale, frozen mango, fresh pineapple, three clementine oranges, a banana and 1 granny smith apple.

Blend and enjoy!

*image from Whole Living

Friday, March 30, 2012


My daughter learned a new trick on her bike this week:)


We have a super busy weekend! I am running 14 miles in preparation for the Boston Marathon (less than 3 weeks away!!), we are taking our girls to a butterfly exhibit at the Wild Animal Park and my brother is racing in an Ironman 70.3 in Oceanside. We are playing cheerleaders!

It is packed, but sometimes that is exactly what a Saturday is for. Should be a fun one.

I hope everyone has a happy weekend too. If you are out and about, please tell one person that you will be voting Yes on CA's prop 29. It will save lives, make for a healthier world and clear up any misconceptions Big Tobacco would have us believe...thank you friends!


I came across this book trailer today and couldn't stop smiling. These two authors are some of our very favorites here at home. I can't wait to get the book!

In the meantime, please take a moment and "Plant a Kiss" of your own by sharing Californians for a Cure. Did you know California is one of only three states that has not raised the price of cigarettes in the past decade?! Vote for a healthier state. Vote for your children and share with your friends and neighbors.

Thursday, March 29, 2012


My daughter was up all night with a bad cough. I'll be back tomorrow. We reached 30 Likes on Facebook! I am not an avid facebook user, but my goal for June 5th is to get to 100. If 100 people spread their Yes on 29, it can multiply by another 100...

Wednesday, March 28, 2012


The Tobacco industry is spreading the word that Prop 29 is a "politician-created" initiative. But, actually I will clear that misconception for you. If you read the actual text of the ballot (you can here!) it is clearly written by three non-profit organizations: The American Cancer Society, the American Lung Association and the American Heart Association.


It simply takes a moment to spread this fact (please do!). Because an uninformed voter on June 5th may actually believe what the Tobacco industry is saying and vote in the wrong direction.

A more personal post coming again tomorrow...

Tuesday, March 27, 2012


I found this image today via twitter. Originally posted through NPR's Tumblr page, it says a lot. As a cyclist myself, the placement of Ride Your Bike is endearing especially as gas prices go up, up, up.

But, the vintage No Smoking caught my eye too. A simple statement with a big meaning. Move over Big Tobacco, we have no need for you.

Monday, March 26, 2012


image of Alexi Murdoch from Black Eiffel

My husband downloaded the new Alexi Murdoch album for me last week. It's easy and relaxing and his voice might be better than ever. The perfect music to have on in the evening after getting the kids to bed.

Over the weekend I read that Philip Morris (one of the largest Tobacco companies) spent $12 million in two weeks on television ads alone aimed to defeat Prop 29.

The number is astounding.

A Yes vote will help defeat tobacco companies and create a voice to ensure they hear our message: we don't want tobacco around our kids or us. Put that money somewhere else.

Friday, March 23, 2012


My favorite part is the last 20 seconds.


[The sound of whistling wind]

...Seems like nothing now!

Makes me feel like the seemingly impossible is actually possible. Happy weekend...I have my longest run before Boston in three weeks (!) We are hoping for bbq weather too. Last weekend drenched us!

If you wouldn't mind, please take 30 seconds to let anyone know about Yes on 29. It will make a difference. I have made it as simple as I can for you. Grab a graphic. Include this sentence: a Yes vote on 29 will raise the cost of a pack of cigarettes by $1 and dedicate those new funds to cancer research.

Thanks friends.

Thursday, March 22, 2012


I like this quote because election year creates quite a bit of chaos. Lobbyists and partisan groups go at it. It creates a divide, which can be both good and bad. Disheartening at times, but also makes for a balance of power.

I wish Prop 29 didn't sound political though. It is not a divisive issue. You are either for tobacco or not. And you either think a cure is possible or you do not.

Just yesterday I read that tobacco companies are spending $14 million dollars on marketing to defeat this proposition alone. As a mother, I read and think about how much good we could do with that money, across the entire globe. Imagine mothers everywhere joining in this effort to Undo Tobacco. We catch tobacco marketers completely off guard and defeat prop 29.

It's completely possible.

Wednesday, March 21, 2012


The first row, far right. Meet Kellie. She is my half sister. And she found out five years ago that she had stage 3 breast cancer. Her baby boy was only 1 and she found it on her own, through a self check women everywhere are encouraged to perform.

There is happy news to this story. She is currently in remission and can now be considered a cancer survivor!

It couldn't have been done two decades ago. Without the advances in cancer research, she would not be Walking (60 miles) for a cure as pictured above. Imagine the energy that is at an event like that. There are others! Race for a Cure or Relay for Life or Team in Training (among others) that put people out in the world, expending energy in an effort to Find. A. Cure.

Why does Prop 29 have to be any different? Does the word Proposition sound too political? Maybe. But, it doesn't have to. Because in reality it is simply Americans/Californians/Mothers choosing voting to leave this world a better place.

Undo Tobacco everywhere. If you haven't already, watch this 35 second clip on living in a tobacco-free world.


We have lost every time California has tried to raise the price on a pack of cigarettes. It is because the Tobacco industry is a billion dollar industry and they spend their money to ensure it doesn't pass. Their key phrase is, "Everyone wants a cure for cancer, but Californians cannot afford it right now..."

Please! Here is an example of their public lying regarding tobacco use. They swear under oath that nicotine is not addictive nor will it cause cancer. It is completely asinine what the tobacco industry does to attract people to a product that serves to harm.

Prop 29 will change that. It will keep tobacco away from our children. And put us that much closer to finding a cure.

Tuesday, March 20, 2012


In our case the majority is against Prop 29. Our record for raising the price on a pack of cigarettes is 14-0. 14 wins for Big Tobacco. Because the tobacco industry uses millions of dollars to pay and lobby against it. Their latest supporter is Tom Robinson, president of Robinson Oil, one of the largest oil companies in the US.

So, you have Big Oil and Big Tobacco on one hand. And the American Cancer Society, American Lung Association, and American Heart Association on the other. In this case, choosing the underdog is a no brainer.

Monday, March 19, 2012


If you haven't seen this short commentary clip by Ira Glass on Vimeo yet, it is a must. Last week was a bear for me, but I rewatched it and was inspired all over again.

Watch it here.


The California Taxpayer Association claims they represent California citizens. However, if you do some research on the actual Association you will find they are also a long-standing supporter of Big Tobacco. It is a fact that the Taxpayer Association is fueled by the largest tobacco companies.

When you hear the California Taxpayer Association state it is "wasteful" spending for all California citizens, it is not true. They fail to mention that the only people affected by the increased $1 tax is those purchasing cigarettes.

Sunday, March 18, 2012


My friend Kathryn (currently living in Texas) shared this video with me. I loved it. So, so much. It takes 35 seconds of your time and well worth it. A beautiful depiction of what California could be like. Prop 29 could set the bar for a healthier nation.

Undo tobacco everywhere.

Saturday, March 17, 2012


It is clear that Prop 29 would lead to a healthier world, which is another reason I support it and will be voting Yes on 29 come June 5th.

My friend Mary is an amazing chef and introduces healthy, green, organic recipes to the table. If you are having friends over this weekend, or even if you are not, I suggest you make the Pina Colada. It is one of our favorites!

Pina Coladas (totally green!)
  • 2 bananas
  • 2 cups frozen pineapple
  • 1/2 cup coconut milk (comes in a can and looks like this, make sure to stir it and put it in the fridge several hours before so it is nice and cold)
  • 1/3 cup pure grade b maple syrup
Blend all ingredients well in your VitaMix. Enjoy!

Friday, March 16, 2012


The every day citizen does still have a voice. We simply need to use it. I met a woman just yesterday that was wearing a breast cancer survivor pin on her jacket. I was lucky I saw it and could tell her about prop 29.

Our voice can be as simple as opening our mouth (or our email, or our status update) as we inch closer and closer to June 5th. We don't want tobacco near our children. We want a cure for cancer.

I have made my graphics accessible to everyone (click here) if you are a visual person, like me.

Hope everyone has a happy weekend! I am in the middle of training for the Boson marathon and will be setting out a long run tomorrow, rain or shine.

Thursday, March 15, 2012


You do not have to live in California to share that you will/would vote Yes on 29. It is as simple as beginning with the sentence, "Have you heard about California's Prop 29?..."

a Yes vote on 29 will raise the cost of a pack of cigarettes by $1 and dedicate those new funds to cancer research.

Feel free to share one of my graphics (here) with somebody that lives in California. I encourage you to take action and create change for the common good.

*image from pinterest

Wednesday, March 14, 2012


In an effort to declare why I am voting Yes on 29, I have decided to start a new series called The Heroes...

I debated because cancer is a very personal and emotional journey for those close to it. If you or someone you know has been affected by cancer, you understand.

After talking it through with a few people closest to it, I was encouraged to move forward. I will be sharing either a photo or name of a person that is fighting cancer, has survived the fight or fought mighty hard.

My hope through this effort is that we can put a name and a face with a cause. So that we can show our faith in a mission.


A few handful of my friends have shared Yes on 29 and it makes me so, so happy! If it is not clear already, I believe this prop holds significant hope for positive change.

Here are a couple reasons why:

1. I believe a cure for cancer can happen and needs to happen. It will not be solved overnight, but the advances in cancer research and treatment is saving people's lives. In order to further that research we need funding.

2. One doesn't need to be a rocket scientist to know tobacco is highly addictive and bad for you. On a more personal note, I am  Mormon and this is something we have long-since known with the revelation given to our latter-day prophet Joseph Smith. In D&C 89 it states "...tobacco is not for the body neither for the belly, and is not good for man..."

3. In order to create a healthier state, it seems 29 enables us to raise the price on a product that is bad for society; for no other reason than to deter people from buying it. If we cannot eradicate it from society then let's make it more difficult to reach.  

4. It is a win-win-win for everyone involved. Raise the price to keep people away from tobacco products. Take that additional money and put it toward the cure of a serious life threatening disease.

However, the Tobacco industry will stop at nothing to see that this proposition is defeated. And they have done just that in the past. And they will continue to do so. In the next couple days I will highlight the facts about Prop 29, which the tobacco industry purposefully avoids mentioning.

The key is to pass your Yes vote on.


Look at how happy these women are! They had just been given the right to vote. In 1920 the 19th Amendment passed and today the majority of voters are women.

I am not discounting men, but as a woman and a mother I am voting Yes on 29 for a healthier state. And Yes on 29 for a possible cure to cancer. And Yes on 29 for the hope that my children see (find?) that cure within their lifetime.

(It should be known that my husband is voting Yes as well:)

image taken from wikipedia

Tuesday, March 13, 2012


Will you post somewhere today that you are voting Yes on 29? Choose your graphic here

Monday, March 12, 2012


quote from here

Did you know nearly 1 out of 2 Californians born today will get cancer at some time in their life? Prop 29 will dedicate almost $585m every year to advancing diagnosis and treatment. It's natural to wonder where that money will come from.

It will come from an additional $1 tax on a pack of cigarettes. Nothing else.

The opposition to Yes on 29 will never mention where the additional tax is coming from. The opposition  wants us to believe all Californians will be paying higher taxes. However, unless you purchase a pack of cigarettes you will not be affected by the $1 increase.

And even if you do purchase a pack of cigarettes, wouldn't you still hope for a cure for cancer?

The additional $1 tax on a pack of cigarettes will go directly to cancer research.

You can read the full text of the ballot measure here. Statistics taken from

Sunday, March 11, 2012


I was incredibly inspired by the KONY 2012 campaign that went viral last week. If you haven't seen it or watched the You Tube video, I highly recommend it. It is moving and elicits a response. It did for us.

I quickly jotted this quote down though. Because this was my exact thoughts about how we can get the majority to vote YES on 29. Yes for cure. Yes for our children. Yes for future generations.

Did you know California has one of the strictest smoke-free laws in the United States?* Public smoking has been banned in all restaurants, bars and clubs. So, why is it that we cannot be victorious in this? We can.

This is our chance. We can change it if we want to. We know what is out there. We know the health risks associated with tobacco. We know we don't want our children near it. We know what a Yes vote will do. And maybe most of all, we want a cure for cancer. We just need to spread it. Please let everyone you know about Prop 29. It's not that difficult considering the world we live in. Tell them through your favorite social media of choice that you are voting YES. And why they should too:

a Yes vote on 29 will raise the cost of a pack of cigarettes by $1 and dedicate those new funds to cancer research.

You will not see this proposition splitting down party lines. It is not a divisive issue among partisan groups. You are either FOR or AGAINST Big Tobacco.

*smoking ban cite from wikipedia

Saturday, March 10, 2012


image from pinterest

"Women were 53% of the national vote in 2008..." (this NY Times article)

Do you realize what this means? Women have a slight advantage in majority when it comes to voting. The primaries are on JUNE 5th in California. In about 2 1/2 months we will be given the chance to voice our opinions as women and mothers.

Big Tobacco companies cannot win this fight. They are dirty and ruthless and will not stop. Without a YES vote on 29, Tobacco companies win. Sadly Tobacco companies have evaded a higher tax on cigarettes 14 times in a row. That is 14 wins for Tobacco companies and 0 for a healthier state. This is the first time that the $1 increase will be donated directly to cancer research though.

Beginning in late April/May Tobacco companies will be spending millions of dollars to defeat this proposition just the same. Millions of dollars in television ads! If this prop does not pass, not only will Tobacco companies win, but a greater chance for a CURE is defeated as well.

If you or someone you know has been affected by cancer, please forward onto a friend. Even just one will make a difference.

Friday, March 9, 2012


image from pinterest

I have some exciting things in store for next week. For now, I want to thank anyone that has supported this good cause so far.

My Green Diet
A Delightful Blog

and all the "Likes" on Yes on 29 through Facebook and Instagram.

Have a great weekend!

Thursday, March 8, 2012


image from pinterest

It takes more than just believing tobacco products are wrong for our society. It is the act of making it known to those around you. If you would like, please grab the graphic I have provided here
and re-post through your social media avenue of choice: blog, instagram, facebook, tweet, tumblr, pinterest, email...woof? (I kid, did anyone see that Office episode?)

We clearly have the means to pass this good message around. Please do.


Ann is right. "Women care about their children..."

Prop 29 is not a partisan issue. It is a health issue. And I love hearing her speak so boldly for women. It is an issue that everyone can/should/hopefully agree on (except Big Tobacco). Cancer research saves lives. Prop 29 is historical! We can tell our children that we voted for a cure. And by doing so we make a clear statement to Big Tobacco that we don't want them near our children.

Wednesday, March 7, 2012


Devin and I took our girls to see The Lorax this past weekend. The reviews were harsh! I wasn't going into it expecting much, but I left that movie theater ready to plant a garden and dance to Let It Grow! 

It was entertaining, happy, colorful and made my five year old laugh quite a few times. Once we were home we promptly downloaded the song Let It Grow. Listen to it (above) and tell me you'll dance to it with your kids in the morning before everyone shuffles out to school.
And then once you get a minute think about the words:  

 Let the love inside you show. You can't be what you don't sow.

What kind of world are we willing to work for our children? I immediately thought of Galatians 6:7-9 ...for whatsoever a man soweth, that shall he also reap. This is our time to sow and reap the rewards. We can do this! It is our responsibility to make a world where Big Tobacco has nothing on us and our babies.

Tuesday, March 6, 2012


It is exciting to me to back something like Prop 29.  I majored in Political Science at BYU in 2004 so election year and voting makes me a little bit giddy.

But, there is also cousin passed away from cancer. My half-sister is a breast cancer survivor. My uncle is also a cancer survivor. My grandpa is in remission from prostate cancer. Our dear friend passed away from cancer last year. Devin's aunt just passed away from a brain tumor a few weeks ago. This is close to home for us, as it is for many others.

If you aren't in California, you can still support it. Most Propositions that start in one state end up being proposed in other states as well. It is only a matter of time before it comes to your own. And if you have family or friends in California, tell them to vote YES on 29. The primaries come to California on June 5th!

Monday, March 5, 2012


This is my family. I am married to my best friend and we have two little girls. I imagine and hope for a world for these two that encompasses so so much. The sum of the whole is greater than its parts. And that is what we teach our girls.

Will it be possible to bankrupt the tobacco companies? Probably not. But, are we able to make a statement to them through our right to vote? Absolutely. As a mother, I am able to actively change the world my girls will be raised in. That is a powerful feeling. I hope other mother's see June 5th as a chance to voice a clear cut opinion about the world they want for their children.

photo taken by elizabeth harris photography

Saturday, March 3, 2012


quote + image from pinterest here

 I have known one too many people that have fought cancer in the past few years. My cousin, my grandfather, a dear family friend, my half-sister, my husband's aunt...the diagnosis is never expected, changes the course of life in an instant and needs to change.

When I heard about Prop 29, I couldn't help but become interested. A $1 increase on the sale of cigarettes and that additional tax is set aside for cancer research? Hope. The idea that my own two little girls could live in a world where a cure was within reach.

Do we even need to vote? Yes, yes! Let's do this. Yes on 29.

Friday, March 2, 2012


Print is available here .. a favorite etsy shop of mine.

Simple words with a big meaning. Live Every Day.

Thursday, March 1, 2012


My girls always make wishes on dandelions. Isn't that how it should be? I snapped this photo of my littlest on Sunday during our afternoon walk.

What if we wished for a cure for cancer? Imagine a world where cancer couldn't claim the lives of our loved one's ever again. Imagine that...