Tuesday, April 3, 2012


State and federal taxpayers pay upwards to $612/year for smoking related expenses. It is high time we raise the price on cigarettes. Raise the price for those that smoke, keep future generations away from it and put the additional tax increase directly to cancer research.

Reminder! One will only feel the affects of this increased tax if you buy a pack of cigarettes.

Over the weekend I was talking to my dad about the Yes on 29. As an international businessman he flies often. He told me stories of years ago, as soon as the airplane reached high enough altitude at least 1/3 of the flight would light a cigarette.

Gasp. I can't even imagine that now. We are lucky we don't have to.

Let us take the steps and cast our vote for Yes on 29. Raise the price on a pack of cigarettes by $1 and create a healthier state altogether.

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