Tuesday, May 1, 2012


Fact 5.0 about Yes on 29 is needed today. Yesterday was a GREAT day sharing t-shirts and talking to people about the proposition. There were a few people though that seemed to be believing the lies fed by Big Tobacco companies. So, to clarify any misconceptions here is 5.0 packed with facts and figures for you:)

Recently a television ad aired featuring a so-called "doctor" dressed in a white coat telling voters that none of the money made from Prop 29 will actually go to cancer research.

To anyone that believes this, I urge you to read the ballot initiative for yourself. The ad (paid for by Tobacco companies) is a lie. It states in the second paragraph that the money made off a $1 tax on a pack of cigarettes will go directly to cancer research. AND cancer research will be performed at California's top universities. Please do your own research. Once you do, I am confident you will know Yes on 29 is the correct vote.

Yesterday the San Francisco Chronicle came out in support of a Yes vote on Prop 29. Read the entire article here. My favorite part though? Directly from the article:

It's amazing how many deceptions can be packed into 30 seconds. For starters, the implication that physicians oppose Prop. 29 drew immediate repudiation from the president of the California Medical Association, who urged voters to "see past the smokescreen of Big Tobacco." ... Our Legislature has shown no willingness to take on Big Tobacco, which has co-opted enough allies to reject any new tax measure.
...Prop. 29 is a well-crafted measure that will save lives. Voters should approve it. 

Applaud now:)