Tuesday, May 15, 2012


Change The World ticket available here.


Your ticket to change the world. Now listen up, here is how:

Studies show that when cigarettes taxes rise, smoking rates drop. Of course. But, somehow Big Tobacco has been able to keep the tax on cigarettes within the state of California at a national low. So, it is our turn to show Big Tobacco that we are done with them. We have a voice. And we will use it.

1. Change your profile picture across your social media sites with a Yes on 29 graphic. Here is one that I have made available for you. Or a photo of you in your t-shirt! We are three weeks out from the primaries on June 5th!

2. Use whatever means of social media you prefer and make it known. Let your friends know you are voting Yes on California Prop 29. Update your status, tweet, blog, pin, gram, etc.

It will spread. Last I read Yes on 29 was behind in the polls. But! The doctor seen on tv (Dr. LaDonna Porter) standing in for Big Tobacco has resigned from the state health advisory board. And Big Tobacco has removed the ad from television. High five!

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