Monday, May 7, 2012


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And that is true. But, readers/followers/supporters we don't have very much time left. California primaries are on June 5th (!) That is under one month away. If social media can be used, let it be used here and spread it like wildfire.

California has not raised the taxes on a cigarettes in the past ten years. Gasp! That's completely ridiculous to me. Why is it not happening? Because Big Tobacco feels the need to pump millions of dollars to defeat any hope of raising the price on it's poison. California is one of only THREE states in the US to not raise taxes on cigarettes in the past ten years.

For what a health-conscious state California is, why are we behind on it? Because Tobacco thinks legislation can be bought. Earlier this year they approached a cardiologist to speak for tobacco and No on 29. He upheld his Hippocratic Oath and declined. Instead Tobacco went with the only other doctor they could find (same one as 2006) Dr. LaDonna Porter. See the commercial below and how Big Tobacco construes prop 29 in their favor.

We are better than that. A $1 increase on a pack of cigarettes is about time. Put it towards a cure for cancer? Needed much sooner than later! Yes on 29.

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