Thursday, May 31, 2012



written by my sister


Once upon a time there was a state and her name was California. She smelled of honeysuckle and oranges. She was a happy and bright state. Everyone who came was impressed with her beauty and she soon became known as the Golden State. Decades passed and this dear old California began to feel weathered and worn. She loved all her people, but through the years sensed a change. It was a gradual change, but it was not for the better. It was an unhealthy change full of money and greed. It was polluted air and poisoned children. It was innocent deaths and costly consequences. And it broke Mother Earth's heart to see her sweet California suffer so. But then one day there was an opportunity! A chance for her people to bring back her smile! She silently pleaded for good to prevail. For a healthier future with clean air and a cure! A cure for a disease that takes HALF of her people!! She waited and waited until she heard the results and then beamed inside when her people came through. For now money would be spent in all the right places and children were given a chance to be kids. Clean air was abundant, healthy people were thriving and California, once again, became happy and bright.
Californians for a Cure. Yes on Prop 29.

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