Friday, May 11, 2012


Another fact about Prop 29. The opposition will lead you to believe that Yes on 29 takes money out of California's General Monetary Fund. Tobacco says, "[California] can't afford another costly bureaucracy...another new spending program."

Since when does Tobacco have our state's welfare at heart? 

1. All research done in conjunction with cancer research will be fully funded by the $1 tax on every pack of cigarettes. Money will not be taken away from schools. Even the California Superintendent of Public School Tom Torlakson and California's PTA is supporting a Yes vote! 

2. Tobacco companies (the opposition) compare Yes on 29 to high speed rail and stem cell research, which take money out of California's state budget. Again, the money from a yes vote will come directly from a $1 tax on a pack of cigarettes. The national average for cigarette tax is $1.47. California is way behind with a $0.87 tax.

The entire cost of Yes on 29 will be funded by the smokers who purchase cigarettes. A USER FEE if you want to put it simply.

There you go...two ways to refute what Tobacco wants you to believe. Go and spread it this weekend and have a happy, happy Mother's day!

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