Wednesday, May 16, 2012


Texting while driving takes lives. It is clearly a danger not only to yourself, but other people on the road. In 2008 California passed a law stating that texting and driving is illegal. To read the exact details of texting laws, read the law here.

And yet. Somehow Tobacco found a way to loophole their way through the system. [Ahem] They use their $ to buy legislation.

Tobacco is clearly a danger for yourself and other people. It kills more people than texting while driving!

But just like the cancer warning on packs of tobacco, logic is tossed to the wayside and we go on doing what we know is not good for us - all under the heading of, "It's my life and I can darn well do what I want with it."*

Guess what though, it's not only your life. It's not only your world. We shape the world we want for our children. And for me? That means pricing them out of the market. Ban them. Make them illegal. I'll settle for a $1 tax on cigarettes by voting Yes on 29.


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