Monday, May 14, 2012


Are these photos disturbing to you at all? It repulses me. Found here, extremely controversial photos taken by Belgian photographer Frieke Janssens

The fact remains that children smoke and the number is not declining. 88% of smokers started before they were 18 years old. But, things would change with a Yes vote on prop 29.

Raising the cost of a pack of cigarettes $1 per pack is projected to:
  • stop 228,000 Californian kids from smoking
  • avoid 22,300 smoking-affected births over the next five years
  • nearly 1 in 3 kids who smoke will die from tobacco-related diseases
  • If youth remain smoke-free until the age of 26, less than 1% ever start
Prop 29 is a vote for our future. For the world our children will grow and know so well. Let us set the precedent now for them.

*The children were not actually smoking in these photos. The photographs were created using chalk and cheese sticks to mirror a cigarette. Incense and candles were used to create the look of smoke.

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