Wednesday, May 23, 2012


We can do this. We can help make Prop 29 pass. And here is why we should:

+ The tobacco industry creates and markets a product that, when used as directed, will kill one out of two regular smokers prematurely.
+ The tobacco industry adjusts the nicotine levels in cigarettes to make it harder for you to quit.
+ The tobacco industry adds ammonia to tobacco to speed up the nicotine hit to your brain.
+ The tobacco industry needs new smokers to replace those who quit or die, so they advertise. They spent over $12 billion marketing their products nationwide in 2006 - that's $42 for every man, woman and child accounted for in the U.S. Census.*

Please don't let Tobacco continue to market to our children. Our future. Yes on 29!

* facts from here

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